Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom-remodeling-long-islandAre you thinking about remodeling your bathroom? E&S Marble Corp has the experience and dedication to turn your old and tired bathroom into an amazing modern work of bathroom architecture. We have been providing high quality marble and natural stone to our customers for many years, and that experience has lent us the skills and knowledge to make your Long Island bathroom remodeling project cost-effective and of high quality. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you need a marble and granite company that understands what you want out of your remodeling project, including your design goals and budgetary concerns.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling on Long Island, E&S Marble is the most effective contractor around.
When you’re considering a bathroom remodel, the first thing you want to think about is the original reason that prompted your remodel. Some of the common reasons for remodeling your bathroom are:


  • An uneven floor
  • Broken or worn out bathroom fixtures
  • Broken toilet
  • Cracks and staining in your shower and tub
  • Considering selling your home and want to add value
  • Leaking water lines
  • Unwanted construction materials such as asbestos or lead
  • Floor rot

Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Estimates

Your bathroom is one of the most important and necessary rooms in your home. It is also one of the most private, which makes your reason for seeking a remodel personal to you and your family. If you notice any of these issues in your bathroom, a remodel is a good idea. However, people often seek to undergo a bathroom remodeling project even through their current bathroom is not damaged; they just want the bathroom that they have always desired.

Your design intentions for your bathroom remodeling project should be central to your goals. Besides your bathroom’s functionality, aesthetics are the most important aspect of your remodel. The incredible variety of design options that E&S Marble provides is as broad as your imagination. One of the central design options is the choice of material for your countertops. We offer many types of marble and granite for your bathroom, in addition to all kinds of natural stone and other materials. Peruse our product galleries to help decide on a countertop material for your bathroom remodeling project.

E&S Marble understands the importance of staying within budget on your bathroom remodeling project. Many contractors don’t take your budget into account as much as they should when planning your bathroom remodel, but E&S has the experience to keep your project under control and within budget. Choose the Marble and Stone Company that makes staying within your budget an important part of the bathroom remodeling process.Time to upgrade your home’s bathroom?For a free estimate call the Long Island bathroom remodeling experts E & S Marble & Granite at 631-777-3207