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Do you want a company that always provides exquisite craftsmanship? Are you in hopes of finding a company that only works with superior materials? You have finally found that company. E&S Marble and Granite is proud to offer high-quality craftsmanship and materials. At E&S we are the experts that can take care of all of the work you need done at your home, from the exterior, to the interior, to the kitchen, and to the bathroom. Our work is always finely detailed and we only use custom materials.

Kitchen Remodeling

We are here to help you have the house that you have always wanted. Your kitchen is going to be crucial in helping to reach that goal. We offer a wide selection of stone at E&S that can be used on numerous kitchen features. View our Kitchen remodeling page or fill out the contact form for a call back.


Stone countertops are an essential part of a high-quality kitchen. E&S Marble has a wide variety of stone options, providing both style and durability for even the most high-volume kitchens. From polished, high-gloss granite to muted soapstone, we have something for everyone.


Whether you’d like to install a brand-new tile floor or want a mosaic backsplash behind your sink, E&S Marble has the materials and experience you need. With a focus on fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, our tile installations are the ideal way to refresh your kitchen.


E&S Marble offers a wide variety of kitchen sinks, matched exactly to our stone countertops. From modern to rustic styles and everything in between, we’ll find something that suits your kitchen perfectly.


Marble, granite, or porcelain flooring is a great way to display class and polish in your kitchen. Pick a stone that matches your countertop, or use contrasting shades and tones for a more dramatic effect. With porcelain flooring, you can choose exactly what design you want – we offer inkjet-printed tiles that can look great in any kitchen.

Stone Tile

Using custom stone tile in your bathroom is the ideal way to set the scene and create a distinctive room. Add shine with polished marble or create an inviting matte surface with slate or travertine. Whatever you choose to use, rest assured that E&S Marble will complete the installation perfectly.

Vanity Tops

Whether you want your bathroom countertop to have one sink, two sinks, or multiple levels, E&S Marble can construct the perfect vanity top for you. The style possibilities are endless, with both modern and traditional looks available and a diverse collection of stone to choose from.


Just like our kitchen cabinetry, our bathroom vanities set the stage for your entire bathroom’s look. If you’re getting a vanity top from us, why not ask us about our custom vanities as well? As experienced craftsmen, we’re readily able to choose a look that perfectly suits your style.

Jacuzzi Decks

There’s no better way to set off a luxurious Jacuzzi tub than with an equally luxurious marble deck. Give yourself space for toiletry items, towels, and more with a spacious deck – and add a beautiful accent point to your bathroom at the same time.

Bathroom Remodeling

Another room that is critical to your dream home is the bathroom. Our vast array of stone materials can help to renovate your bathroom in numerous ways.

Interior Renovations

Using marble throughout your home’s interior adds style and class, and E&S Marble & Granite provides ample experience working with marble installations in all areas of the home. From fireplace surrounds and mantlepieces to beautiful custom mosaic accent walls, our craftspeople and artisans will turn your house into a beautiful, stylish home.

Bar Tops

Basements, kitchens, dens, and more can benefit from a high-quality, custom stone bar top. Entertain with style and impress your guests with our beautiful stone. Ask about our backlit stone for a bar top that will, quite literally, light up the room.

Fireplace Surrounds

There’s nothing like a beautiful stone fireplace surround to create a beautiful centerpiece for your living room or den. With a vast variety of different stones and colors available – from matte black to beautiful gold-veined white – we have something for everyone.

Wall and Floor Panels

Nothing says sophistication and class like a custom stone wall or floor panel. Create a tiled look to add a rustic appearance to your home, or add a beautiful polished surface as an accent point in a room that needs a little extra pizazz.

Art Mosaic Accent Walls

We at E&S Marble aren’t just craftsmen – we’re also artists. Our beautiful mosaic accent walls add unique beauty to any room. The multitude of colors and styles available, combined with our artistic eye, means that your new accent wall will blend in perfectly with your home’s existing look.

Outdoor Flooring

Our high-quality stone tiling isn’t just for bathrooms and kitchens – it’s also at home outside on decks, patios, and more. Ask us about our beautiful paving stones today to create a beautiful outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.

Outdoor Pavers

Whether you want to give your walkway or driveway a new look, our outdoor pavers are the perfect solution. Turn your entryway into an elegant invitation to your home with our long-lasting and beautiful outdoor pavers.

Exterior Wall Cladding

External cladding is the application of one material over another to provide a skin or layer intended to control the infiltration of weather elements, or for aesthetic purposes. Cladding does not necessarily have to provide a waterproof condition but is instead a control element. This control element may only serve to safely direct water or wind in order to control run-off and prevent infiltration into the building structure. Cladding applied to windows is often referred to as window capping and is a very specialized field.

Exterior Renovations

The interior of your home may be perfect, but don’t exclude its exterior! Curb appeal is a major factor when it comes to resale value, and even if you don’t plan to sell your home, you want it to always look its best. E&S Marble provides a wide range of exterior improvements that not only improve curb appeal but also improve lifestyle.

Stone Countertops

E&S Marble is also able to assist you if you feel that your home is in need of overall remodeling. Our highly-qualified specialists will help you to select the perfect stone and design for your project.

We don’t strictly focus on the interior of homes. At E&S Marble we can help you with your house’s exterior remodeling as well. With our countless combinations of style and color options, the experts we employ can guide you towards your ideal home transformation.

There is a famous quote from Bruce Lee, “obey the principles without being bound by them.” While we at E&S Marble have design principles and ideas that we will offer to you to assist with your remodeling projects, you will never be bound by them as we as here to help you reach the home renovation goals and dreams that you have set.


Marble remains incredibly popular due to its inviting colors and creamy texture. This type of stone is sensitive to acids and cleaning chemicals, so it must be polished and sealed well. That is especially true if marble flooring is going to be installed in an area, or areas, where spills are likely.


This is one of the hardest substances on Earth, which makes it ideal for kitchen countertops. Quartz features a unique blend of beauty and easy care that makes it a terrific match for anyone’s lifestyle. Most quartz for use in homes is 93-94% quartz with the remaining amount being a resin that holds the stone together.


This beautiful type of limestone ranges in color from light grey to dark red. It is mostly used in paving stones, patio tiles, and interior floor tiles.


Found in mountainous regions in the U.S. and Europe, quartzite is formed when sandstone is exposed to extreme heat and pressure due to tectonic activity. Due to its distinctive look, quartzite is very popular as a decorative tile for floors, staircases, and walls.


Used for thousands of years as a building material, granite is an ideal stone for both interior and exterior work. This igneous rock contains quartz and feldspar, and is available in a wide variety of patterns and colors. Durability and elegance are two of its main attributes.


Slate is a fine-grained, layered stone that is most commonly grey, but also is available in green, red, black, purple, and brown. Slate is most commonly used for roof tiles, but also has applications in indoor flooring, outdoor paving, and more.


A beautiful material for interior and exterior accents, sandstone offers a warm, creamy tan color and unique veining. Interior and exterior paving, feature walls, and window sills all grace beautiful homes.

Semi-Precious Stones

Semi-precious stones, such as agates, are used to create accent countertops and surfaces. These polished stones can be illuminated from beneath, creating a lighted jewel-like surface.

The mindset of leaving everything better than how we found it captures our commitment to all of our customers and all of our projects. At E&S Marble we use this view point and our vast experience to make sure that we are providing you with the best services possible.